Using Donor Eggs: 5 Benefits of Going with Frozen

Posted on Nov 16, 2015

For patients that are considering using donor eggs, frozen donor eggs can be a highly successful option. Here are five benefits of using frozen donor eggs to consider in making your decision.

1. Frozen donor eggs are readily available. One of the benefits of using frozen donor eggs is that the eggs have already been retrieved, frozen and placed into the egg bank, making them available for immediate use/selection. Once you make your selection, you can start planning your cycle right away.

2. Cycle planning takes place around your busy schedule. When using frozen donor eggs, you decide the schedule. You will not need to synchronize your cycle with the donor, as you do with fresh donor eggs. Treatment can be completed within 4 to 8 weeks, compared with 3 to 5 months for a fresh egg cycle. This means that with using frozen donor eggs, the time from making a decision to getting pregnant would be shorter than it is when using fresh donor eggs.

3. Frozen donor egg cycles are less expensive. At Pacific Fertility Egg Bank in San Francisco, a frozen donor egg cycle is approximately half the cost of a fresh donor egg cycle.

4. Our frozen donor egg cycle comes with a guarantee of two embryos. With the PFEB, we guarantee two high-quality embryos with each frozen donor egg cycle.

5. Success rates with frozen eggs are comparable to those with fresh eggs. PFEB’s success rates with frozen donor eggs are currently better than the national average, thanks to many years of experience and a high-volume patient population. We have an 86 percent thaw rate and 85 percent fertilization rate with our frozen donor eggs. Our pregnancy and delivery rates for fresh and frozen donor egg cycles are comparable.

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