Donor Egg Bank Fees

Our Egg Bank Guarantee programs start at $21,615, considerably less than the cost of using fresh donor eggs.

With the worry that so often accompanies infertility, we strive to do everything in our power to minimize the stress that financing your care may cause. We are proud to offer high-quality care and outcomes at a price point that makes family-building accessible to our patients.

Our donor egg bank (DEB) team works hand-in-hand with Pacific Fertility Center’s financial coordinators, ensuring you move forward with a complete understanding of what is included in our programs’ DEB plan fee, and what is paid to the center itself.

For example, the plan fees for the Two Embryo Guarantee Program and Egg Lots with Embryo Testing Program do not include costs associated with an embryo transfer cycle or recipient medications.

Please contact our new patient department for more information.

Financing Through CapexMD

Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) is a preferred provider of CapexMD fertility financing solutions. Through our partnership with PFC, patients are able to access customized loan options unique to your financial situation.

CapexMD’s competitive payment plans start as low as $199 per month. Apply online and get your pre-approval within 24 hours. Or call (888) 497-8414 to learn more about fertility financing.

Learn more about other financing options offered through Pacific Fertility Center.