Getting Started

Are you considering using an egg donor?

If so, the following steps can help guide you through the donor selection process in the most efficient and stress-free way possible.

Step 1. Set up an account to view our egg donor profiles.

Get Started! Create Database Account

Step 2. Schedule an appointment with a Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) physician. A telephone consultation is available at no charge. Or, you can choose to meet with a physician in person.

Step 3. Meet with our donor egg bank team after you have met or spoken with a PFC physician. Our staff will assist you in scheduling appointments with these specialists:

  • The donor egg bank coordinator provides you with an overview of the program and reviews details about the fees. This person can also assist you in selecting a donor profile and will support you through the process.
  • The marriage and family therapist (MFT) offers you guidance and support throughout the journey. This appointment will offer insight about issues to consider as the recipient of donor eggs and things to think about when selecting a donor profile.
  • The clinical coordinator manages the logistics of your treatment cycle. During this appointment, we will also discuss any pre-cycle testing you and your partner will need to complete before starting your frozen donor cycle.
  • The financial coordinator is available to answer your questions about any costs not included in the DEB Contract, such as costs of excluded services and cost comparisons between frozen and fresh cycles, should you consider them.

Step 4. At this time, you’ll complete any pre-cycle medical testing that’s needed before going ahead with a cycle. Once you’ve completed all screening and it’s clear that a frozen donor egg cycle is a good choice for you, it’s only a matter of a few weeks before you can proceed with an embryo transfer.