Embryo Guarantee Program

Pacific Fertility Egg Bank is pleased to offer a Two Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee Program

In collaboration with Pacific Fertility Center (PFC), we are able to provide patients with a donor egg program that guarantees two cryopreserved blastocyst embryos. With our Two Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee Program, for roughly half the cost of fresh donor eggs, patients receive two cryopreserved blastocyst stage embryos for a plan fee of $19,615.

When Pacific Fertility Egg Bank first opened, we offered patients an embryo guarantee of two Day-3 embryos. Now, with years of experience and expertise, we have transitioned from a “Day-3 embryo guarantee” to a “Blastocyst embryo guarantee.”

Unlike other egg banks that only offer cohorts of frozen eggs, Pacific Fertility Egg Bank's program is developed to provide “ease of mind” by offering the assurance of receiving two blastocyst embryos. Patients no longer need to worry if the eggs will develop into usable embryos.

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